Level 2 Sport Science

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The Cambridge National Certificate in Sport Science offers a GCSE equivalent course.

It is ideal for the passionate sports enthusiast who is looking to further their knowledge of sport, physical activity, fitness and health. 

We are moving away from a perspective which assumed natural talent in producing outstanding performance, towards one which considers every detail of an athlete's training programme, environment and psychology in the pursuit of excellence. 

The course offers learners the opportunity to study key areas of sport science including anatomy and physiology linked to fitness, health, injury and performance; the science of training and application of training principles; and psychology in sport and sports performance. 

Pupils complete a total of four units, one is a written exam and the other three units are coursework based tasks. The coursework component sees candidates assessed on applying the principles of training, the body's response to physical activities and finally sports nutrition. 

Mary-Jane Newbery
Ultimately, PE aims to provide pupils with an understanding of the importance of physical wellbeing that they can adopt now and in the future.

Mary-Jane Newbery, Head of Physical Education

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