Religion and Philosophy

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Religion and Philosophy is an open and important department at Bede's.

We tackle the most important questions that life throws individuals, such as how should I live, what is a 'good' life, how do I distinguish between right and wrong, is there a God (and if so why does he allow evil), can you prove the existence of God, and questions such as whether or not there can ever be a just war or if the country should bring back the death penalty.

The subject has grown enormously in size and stature in recent years. The numbers of pupils taking Philosophy and Ethics at GCSE have increased by five times the original number and A Levels by four times, with results rising steadily year on year.

Elsewhere, the number of staff teaching the subject has doubled and the school has recently recruited a Chaplain to oversee the spiritual development of pupils.

We follow rigorous exam specifications with the top universities considering our subject as one of the most challenging of all the Humanities. 

The skills that pupils gain from studying Theology and Philosophy are much more than just the ability to think about life - it gives them debating, presentation and writing skills.

Perhaps most of all, in fact, it teaches pupils how to argue effectively.

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Pupil Stories

  • Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth

    My introverted nature meant that I was never going to prosper at my old school, but Bede’s has enabled me to flourish.

    Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2017
  • Max Mason, First Year

    Bede’s is a school for all types of people, and it helps you to see that you can be anyone and do anything.

    Max Mason, First Year Interviewed in 2016
  • Anna Moody, Upper Fifth

    This school makes you feel like you have a lot of doors open to you. For that, and many other reasons, I am really thankful.

    Anna Moody, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2013
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Religion and Philosophy staff


There is no better job in all the world than mine. I love working with young people, and that in my subject I get to hear all their ideas, aspirations and questions about life in general.

Rachael Woollett, Co-Curricular Deputy Head, Teacher of Religious Studies and Dicker House Tutor