A Level Chemistry

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Chemistry is all about provoking reactions.

Even a simple word like 'atom' conjures up hundreds of thoughts and images.

In Chemistry lessons at Bede's, we give these ideas structure, help one idea interact with another and bond together chains of thought to help the world make sense.

Sometimes Chemistry is called the 'central science', and that is because it not only involves Physics and Biology but it provides answers to many of the questions posed by the other sciences.

Whether looking at what makes a nuclear explosion happen, why one thing poisons us and another provides nourishment or asking why some acids live happily in the human body while others are extremely dangerous to us, Chemistry is the subject where we experiment constantly to find the answer to these questions - and many more, besides.

At Bede's, we use practical science at every step. This is because there's no better way of learning about something than seeing it with your own eyes, smelling it, hearing it, and - when possible - touching it.

In much the same way that everything burns at a certain temperature, in the Chemistry department we believe that every young person's mind is full of potential just waiting to burst into flame.

That's why we are constantly planning, experimenting and provoking reactions in our pupils, helping them to see that, at a certain level, everything we see or action we take is, in effect, Chemistry in motion.

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Pupil Stories

  • Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth

    The thing I would emphasise is that Bede's is geared towards helping every student become a better person.

    Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2015
  • Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth

    Until I came here I don’t think I had ever really experienced quiet and calm. It has been such a change in lifestyle.

    Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth Interviewed in 2014
  • James Baldwin, Upper Fifth

    Let's be honest, at most schools being a Physics and Maths nerd isn't cool. Luckily, at Bede's it genuinely is.

    James Baldwin, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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A Level Chemistry staff

I choose to teach science because I like to spread the habit of independent thought based on evidence, and which is therefore open to question and to test.

Martin Costley, Head of Science Faculty and Deis House Tutor