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At Bede's, we see it as our mission to train the next generation of great British scientists.

We live in a world brimming over with outwardly inexplicable phenomena.

Mind-boggling contradictions and concepts swirl around us, often leaving people, whatever their age, feeling isolated and afraid.

Our goal in the Science department at Bede's is to guide and support our pupils so that they can see the world - and, indeed, the universe - not as a source of fear, but as an overflowing wellspring of inspiration.

What drives us is our belief that every single person can understand the world around them, and can contribute meaningfully to the conversation about where human society is headed.

Not only that - we believe that every single person can change the world, and that there's room in history for all of us.

We go beyond the facts here, enabling young people to think in rigorous, scientific ways.

This means being able to organise and test ideas - to use logic and imagination to explore and explain the world.

It isn't just processes and evaluations; it is a philosophy that we use to communicate our thoughts.

The way we teach science at Bede's means that our pupils can always be pushing forwards, always be thinking about better ways to pursue knowledge while revelling in knowledge itself.

Whether they grow up to be scientists or not, when they leave us we want all of our pupils to be able to think clearly, critically and to know themselves.

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Martin Costley
I choose to teach science because I like to spread the habit of independent thought based on evidence, and which is therefore open to question and to test.

Martin Costley, Head of Science Faculty and Deis House Tutor

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Pupil Stories

  • Tilly Atherton, First Year

    It’s very special to be at a school where I feel like I’m listened to. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

    Tilly Atherton, First Year Interviewed in 2016
  • Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth

    The thing I would emphasise is that Bede's is geared towards helping every student become a better person.

    Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2015
  • James Baldwin, Upper Fifth

    Let's be honest, at most schools being a Physics and Maths nerd isn't cool. Luckily, at Bede's it genuinely is.

    James Baldwin, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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About Science at Bede's staff

I choose to teach science because I like to spread the habit of independent thought based on evidence, and which is therefore open to question and to test.

Martin Costley, Head of Science Faculty and Deis House Tutor

I look to develop a passion for life and for learning in my students. After all, educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!

Cheg Abraham, Dicker Housemaster and Teacher of Science

My hope is that I provide opportunities and guidance to enable my students to become more successful adults.

Julia French, Director of GCSE Studies, Teacher of Biology, Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator and Bloomsbury House Tutor

I enjoy helping students to consider ‘big’ questions, like “where did the universe come from?” and “why is there something rather than nothing?” These topics exercise the greatest minds in the world.

Colin Hiscox, Head of Physics and Deputy Charleston Housemaster

Teaching at Bede's allows me to share my lifelong interest in animals of all sorts. I am one of the privileged few whose hobby is also their job.

Peter Jones, Stud Housemaster and Teacher of Animal Management and Science

I love enabling young people and helping them grow into themselves. The goal is to get them to a place where they can do whatever they want to with their lives.

Paul Juniper, Dorms Housemaster and Head of Animal Management

In the Crossways family we nurture and celebrate individuality; when our girls leave us they do so as women, ready and able to embrace the challenges of the future.

Janicen Lambeth, Crossways Housemistress and Teacher of Science

There is nothing as exciting as investigating and finding out how the Universe works. I am passionate about inspiring enthusiasm with others, who could become the great scientists of the future.

Suzanne Lewis, Teacher of A Level Physics and Teacher of Science, Deputy Charleston Housemistress

My hope and ambition as a teacher is to inspire my pupils to be inquisitive and instil within them the desire to always want to find out more.

Taf Mpandawana, Deputy Knights Housemaster and Teacher of Science