Academic Tracking

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At Bede's, we believe that tracking the academic progress of each pupil is a vital means of maximising their potential.

Aside from enabling subject teachers and Personal Tutors to implement swift intervention if a pupil is underachieving, we see academic tracking as peerless opportunity to congratulate and encourage pupils in their many endeavours.

For this reason, in addition to traditional 'end of term' written reports, Bede's pupils are given an assessment grade every few weeks which measures their effort and attainment and which is made available, through our Parent Portal, for parents to also see.

These grades are accompanied by brief comments and are measured against ambitious targets to gauge the extent to which pupils are fulfilling their potential.

Gone are the days when pupils could sleepwalk into underperformance; teachers at Bede's know their pupils and their academic outputs, listen to what they have to say and set achievable, mutually-agreed targets which are, in turn, regularly reviewed.

As one of the many tools available to us in the modern teaching toolbox, academic tracking is an invaluable process to help maximise pupil prospects.

Indeed, it is an apparatus which helps us to ensure that every pupil has the very best chance to exceed all expectations.  

John Tuson
Children are not made in a factory, and thus they are not all the same. Where one will revel in the study of mathematics another will be happiest with a paintbrush in hand. It is a recognition of this endless variety that underpins all we do.

John Tuson, Academic Deputy Head and Deis House Tutor

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