Upper Fifth (Year 11)

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Regardless of the courses that pupils have chosen to pursue in the Lower Fifth, the opportunity continues for each and every pupil within the Fifth Form to grow and develop, to seek real areas of specialisation, and to emerge, at the end of two years' study, ready to face the challenges of the Sixth Form.  

Whilst the focus in the second year of this course is to build upon the skills and knowledge gained in the Lower Fifth there is an increased emphasis on equipping pupils not only to succeed at their chosen GCSE subjects but also in preparation for life as a senior pupil in the Sixth Form.

Help and advice in choosing suitable subjects for the Sixth Form is readily available through an option morning for parents and various taster sessions for pupils. In addition to this the expertise of the Year Heads and Sixth Form Team can be called upon to help in this regard.

We will endeavour to strike the right balance between support, inducement and propellant during this potentially stressful year so that they can achieve the very best results that they are capable of.

Julia French
My hope is that I provide opportunities and guidance to enable my pupils to become the most successful adults possible.

Julia French, Director of GCSE Studies, Teacher of Biology, Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator and Bloomsbury House Tuto

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Pupil Stories

  • Tommy Trenaman, Upper Fifth

    I’m Bede’s born and bred, and I have genuinely never met anyone who has joined and said they preferred their old school.

    Tommy Trenaman, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2016
  • Alice Potter, Upper Fifth

    My best experiences have been here. That's because I feel like I have a real stake in Bede's. It's really helped me grow.

    Alice Potter, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2014
  • James Baldwin, Upper Fifth

    Let's be honest, at most schools being a Physics and Maths nerd isn't cool. Luckily, at Bede's it genuinely is.

    James Baldwin, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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