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Bede's Sixth Form is underpinned by a holistic educational philosophy.

This means that we believe in educating the whole person by preparing our Sixth Form pupils for life as well as exams.

Sixth Form tutors at Bede's work closely with pupils, helping them to embrace responsibility, independence and to foster their talents in specific, sometimes unusual areas.

We of course prepare young people for academic success, enabling them to become experts in their fields, but the opportunities we offer cannot be found anywhere else, and that makes us unique.

The breadth of courses available at Bede's is unbeatable and caters to every level of ability. We offer over 70 qualifications just for Sixth Formers, including traditional A Levels, the academically stretching Cambridge Pre-U courses and some 'niche' vocational BTECs.

On top of these programmes we also provide a huge number of other chances to learn valuable skills such as First Aid, Lifeguarding and Car Maintenance or to take professional qualifications in cookery or teaching English as a Foreign Language at the end of the day.

Our Co-Curricular programme encourages the esoteric. Aside from simply supplying the expected, like the Duke of Edinburgh Award or Army Cadet Force, we ensure the dedication our Zoological Society shows to breeding endangered species or the time our Community Links volunteers spend in local schools and hospitals is celebrated in just the same way as an individual's performance in the classroom. 

Our view is that experiences such as these enable Sixth Formers to grow profoundly as people, learning about themselves and not just the subjects they are studying.

Additionally, the mix of people in our Sixth Form is genuinely diverse. Aside from a large number of Day Pupils from across Sussex, Surrey and Kent, be they debating champions, award-winning photographers or recreational skydivers, we have over 30 nationalities living on site in our stunning boarding houses.

Our Boarders include many local pupils who choose to board and live with their friends rather than heading home at the end of the day, something which allows them to take advantage of the gym, art studios or other Bede's facilities in the evenings or, if they elect to, at weekends.

It is this mix of people and opportunities which makes the Sixth Form at Bede's so exciting, alongside the idea that while we support elites, the opportunities at Bede's are, in most cases, open to all regardless of ability.

As a result, while our sportspeople are prepared to compete at regional and national levels, or our actors, artists and musicians receive the training they need to head into industry year on year, sport, the arts and everything else at Bede's is open to hobbyists, newcomers and specialists alike.

Furthermore, we encourage our Sixth Formers to think of themselves as leaders. We provide them with chances to pass their wisdom on to pupils in the younger years and, via the School Councils and the strong and creative Prefect system, empower our pupils to influence strategic decisions for Bede's as a whole.

These many strengths, combined with our comprehensive UCAS and Careers Advice service, mean that, when it comes to tailoring the timetable around a Sixth Former's requirements or providing them with everything they might need to pursue their passions, there is simply no better Sixth Form in the country than ours.

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Pupil Stories

  • Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth

    As a result of my experiences at Bede's I have flourished over time and have learned to set an infinite potential for myself.

    Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth

    People need to know that this is the future of independent schooling. It’s quite a unique place.

    Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2014
  • Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth

    Until I came here I don’t think I had ever really experienced quiet and calm. It has been such a change in lifestyle.

    Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth Interviewed in 2014
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