About the Bede's Diploma

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At Bede’s we firmly believe in providing our pupils with an all-round education that prepares them fully for life in the 21st Century.

As part of their Sixth Form education, all pupils will undertake the Bede’s Diploma, alongside their A Level, Pre-U and BTEC studies.

The diploma is a holistic enrichment programme, which all pupils in the Sixth Form will undertake over two years.

The purposes of this are principally twofold: firstly we want to help meet the demands of employers and universities who are calling for high calibre candidates able to demonstrate independence in learning, leadership and teamwork, resilience and commitment. Secondly, reforms to the A Level system have allowed us time in the timetable to introduce a more rounded, pupil focused curriculum.

There are four elements to the Bede’s Diploma: Extend, Enrich, Enlighten and Enhance.

  • Extend – pupils will complete one of the following: EPQ, Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership, Dance/Music/LAMDA examination or another recognised qualification.
  • Engage – pupils will be expected to do something for their House and School community such as taking part in a House charity event. Pupils will also carry out 20 hours of community service over the two years, which they are to arrange.
  • Enlighten – pupils will attend a series of talks, trips, masterclasses and/or workshops
  • Enhance – pupils will engage in activities and events that allow them to meet the competencies of leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, decision and show dependability. They will develop their communication skills through undertaking some form of public speaking.

The Diploma enables pupils to develop the essential life skills and employability attributes that are recognised by employees and universities as being so crucial to their development.

Louise Morris
Seeing pupil potential and helping to nurture it are two of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. The possibilities of the creative mind are endless.

Louise Morris, Head of Bede's Diploma and EPQ Supervisor