Extended Project Qualification

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The Extended Project Qualification is the qualification the majority of pupils choose to complete as part of their Bede’s Diploma.

It is valued as part of a UCAS applicant’s overall profile.

The EPQ offers Sixth Formers an opportunity to undertake a project in a subject area of personal interest. It provides a context for developing critical thinking and project management skills, which are widely transferrable. It assesses a pupil’s ability to plan, carry out, report on and evaluate a project, and is not by any means, just a big piece of subject-based coursework.

It focuses on three core ideas:

  • Deepening understanding
  • Widening perspectives
  • Broadening skills

The EPQ is a one-year taught course and pupils will have an EPQ tutor for the duration of the course.

There are four elements required for the EPQ as assessment evidence for AQA:

  • The production log
  • Appropriate evidence of your project
  • A written report
  • A presentation
Louise Morris
Seeing pupil potential and helping to nurture it are two of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. The possibilities of the creative mind are endless.

Louise Morris, Head of Bede's Diploma and EPQ Supervisor