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What defines the Sixth Form experience at Bede's is the breadth of courses we offer.

Pupils here are able to pursue things of genuine interest, both in terms of vocational subjects and traditional academic routes. When it comes to subject choices, there is something here for absolutely everyone.

Our pupils tend to be at their most comfortable during their Sixth Form years, and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, they have more freedom within the school day. Also, they are studying the subjects about which they are truly passionate.

Lastly, pupils inevitably find that their relationships with their teachers change, developing into something more collaborative in the Sixth Form.

Teaching is, of course, very personalised at Bede's. Faculty members offer the highest levels of assistance, are available for one-to-one sessions, and there is a vast array of other support available from the Head of Sixth Form to Personal Tutors, the Housemasters and Housemistresses to individual subject teachers.

We have systems we use to carefully and subtly monitor student progress and these systems, in combination with everything else, mean that there is a real safety net in place.

While academic standards have risen at Bede's, the education our Sixth Formers receive is about a great deal more than just exam results. At its core, it is about making sure that our pupils can be the best versions of themselves. That said, only when a school is getting the academic side right can it comfortably say that education is about more than academic achievement.

As current Bede's pupils will know, the Head of Sixth Form works closely with the Upper Fifth to make sure they are opting for the right courses, and sometimes this might mean giving pupils some tough messages. We do this because we believe that it is better a pupil knows early - rather than discovering halfway through their A Levels - that a certain subject wasn't the right choice.

We provide the same consultation for new pupils coming into the Sixth Form as well, and all of our Heads of Department and Sixth Form teachers are available via email if you have questions for them.

At Bede's, we believe that an understanding of our pupils as individuals is at the heart of a good Sixth Form. Through this knowledge about who you are, what you love and what gets you up in the morning, we will help you explore the things you truly love - however specialist your interests are - and will work extremely hard in whichever ways we can to help you succeed.

John Tuson
Children are not made in a factory, and thus they are not all the same. Where one will revel in the study of mathematics another will be happiest with a paintbrush in hand. It is a recognition of this endless variety that underpins all we do.

John Tuson, Academic Deputy Head and Deis House Tutor

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    By encouraging everyone to be the best they can be the school helps us all to have confidence and realise that we are all special.

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