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By any measure, Bede's is one of the most successful schools in the United Kingdom.

As well as being the top school in the South of England for Value Added, we have experienced five years of consistent improvement at both GCSE and A Level.

With over 40 courses available in the Fifth Form and almost double that number in the Sixth Form, Academic opportunities at Bede's are peerless and, bolstered by our partnership with King's College London, our teachers are passionate and thoughtful experts in their fields.

Our School Week runs from Monday to Friday, with our Co-Curricular Programme being one of a kind. As well as taking place after school and at weekends as part of the Weekend Programme, six timetabled hours in each school week are filled with activities.

This Co-Curricular time is used by some pupils to pursue additional courses while for others it is spent training in one of our nationally renowned Sports Academies or pursuing hobbies they are passionate about.

With 140 clubs to choose from, there is something in our Co-Curricular Programme for everyone.

When it comes Pastoral Care meanwhile, whether a Day Pupil or Boarder, Bede's caters exceptionally for each and every individual.

Our dedicated Personal Tutors provide pupils with any and all help they might need to navigate the challenges of secondary education, with a team of specialist Sixth Form Tutors attached to each House offering additional support when the time comes for pupils to access their university courses and, ultimately, careers of choice.

Tutors are most pupils' and parents' first port of call for any questions, thoughts or for information about what is happening at Bede's, with each pupil belonging to one of ten Houses with their teams of Housemasters, Matrons and Resident Tutors.

The Bede's Parent Portal provides regular updates on pupil progress, with mini-reports written by teachers every 3 weeks.

Elsewhere, we work hard to create a family atmosphere at the school, part of which involves the staging of over 200 events each year, including House Cup competitions, the final results of which are announced on Prize Giving Day at the end of each academic year.

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Pupil Stories

  • Alina Wiltshire, Lower Sixth

    I have been at Bede’s for 10 years, and the training I have received means I can choose the future I want.

    Alina Wiltshire, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth

    I remember hearing about Bede’s accomplishments when I wasn’t here. Now I'm part of that. It makes me really proud.

    Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2015
  • Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth

    The thing I would emphasise is that Bede's is geared towards helping every student become a better person.

    Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2015
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