Ceramics Club

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Learn an art form that can improve coordination, focus and sense of humour. 

Explore creating with clay, an ancient art form that is only becoming rarer as a subject in schools. Learn how to coil, slab and throw on the potter's wheel, with a wide variety of projects available to try, friendly teachers and a consistently fun group of people. 

If you have an idea, you can make it!

Learn how to print onto clay using lino prints. Add transfers you have designed yourself to fired ceramics. Spend an afternoon learning a new creative skill that helps to improve patience and hand eye coordination!

One of the aims of the activity is to design and develop your own ideas from paper to clay. This decorative method can boost your making skills and push your ambition with clay, and is open to everyone. 

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Anthony Hammond
For me, teaching is about opening up a child’s imagination, desire to succeed and developing their ambition to achieve beyond what they expect.

Anthony Hammond , Head of Ceramics and Deis House Tutor

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