GCSE Photography

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GCSE Photography has been exceptionally popular course at Bede's; pupils learn the significance and uses of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. 

They learn how to develop black and white film and they will explore how to fuse their knowledge to create and develop new ideas and concepts. 

Although GCSE Photography is not in the timetable, it takes place in activity time during the week. To do this course you will need to choose one GCSE Photography option in the week and we advise another Art Activity to help when doing Prep and hitting deadlines. 

This course is an Invite Only course and takes place over a two year period. 

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Ema Excell
There is nothing more satisfying than enabling a pupil to take an idea, refine and develop it, and see them create something truly unique and inspirational.

Ema Excell, Head of Photography and Dorter House Tutor

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