Metalwork and Jewellery Making

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Founded in September 2015, Bede's Metalwork and Jewellery Making Activity offers pupils the chance to engage in an intensive 12-week course in how to make rings, necklaces and broaches.

Open to pupils from all year groups, this activity supposes you have no skills in or experience of working with metal or fashioning jewellery, although if you do you are still welcome!

For those unto whom metalwork and jewellery-making are uncharted waters, each weekly session will guide you through a new technique up until Week 8, after which you will be challenged to design and make a unique and precious object of your own creation. 

Jim MacDonnell
One of the greatest things about Bede's is the way it really supports young people in their ambitions, whatever those ambitions may be. It's a refreshing to work at such an open-minded school.

Jim MacDonnell, Deputy Bloomsbury Housemaster and Teacher of Design and Technology

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