Computer Programming Club

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Both C Sharp and VB programming activities are primarily designed for Year 9, 10 or 11 pupils who want to start or improve their programming skills and run for 10 or so weeks in the Autumn and Spring terms.

We cover the following concepts; Algorithms, Variables and Data types, Objects and Classes, Methods, Arrays, GUI's.

Pupils gain a better understanding of problem solving as one of many side benefits to this activity, but primarily our focus is on giving them the skills to create and contribute to open source software projects, private enterprises and the development of websites, apps and games.

C Sharp and Visual Basic are two of the most commonly used tools in software development.

With the knowledge they gain in this activity, pupils can go on to work in industries as diverse as banking, video games, academia, software development, the media or any industry which uses computers.

That, obviously, includes just about every industry in the world, making these skills extremely valuable!

Raymond Mutimba
Pupils need skills which will bring out the best in themselves and those around them, and technology is one of the main keys to unlocking their potential.

Raymond Mutimba, Teacher of ICT and Computing

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