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Until Summer 2018, the Bede's English department would record a new installment of its podcast once a term.

Consisting of pupil work and themed discussions, each episode covered a different topic and featured voices of girls and boys from a range of year groups.

In June however, the podcast relaunched (subscribe here or find it on iTunes here) and is now known as Small Island Podcast - named after our annual writing journal.

Each episode features an interview with a different pupil, teacher or member of the Bede's community and is all about creativity, reading and writing in the broadest sense.

As part of the podcast, guests contribute books to the 'Small Island Library' (below), and we welcome your contributions too, via small.island@bedes.org 





The Small Island Library

Books to get you into reading...

Famous Five  Skulduggery Pleasant Adventure Series 

Books to change how you see the world...

I Am Malala  Why We Sleep  The Handmaid's Tale
My Family and Other Animals    

The "Best Books Ever..."

Murder on the Orient Express  A Little Life  A Prayer for Owen Meany
The Road    


Listen to the old format View From Here: Creative Writing episode:


Listen to the old format First Year Dystopian Writing episode


Matt Oliver
It is through reading and writing that we discover who we are, or who we want to be. In each piece of writing, I want my pupils to have the chance to reinvent themselves.

Matt Oliver, Head of English and Dicker House Tutor

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