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Economics and Politics are two of the fastest growing subjects studied at A Level, particularly at Bede's.

That being said, most teenagers are not likely know what economics is - let alone how it could affect their daily lives - and their understanding of politics tends to come only from the tabloid press.

One of our main objectives as a society is to raise awareness of economics and politics, especially between teenagers. The way we intend to do this is by communicating what we have learnt and analysing real life situations in the popular press.

We also hope to keep fellow economics and politics fans up to date with interesting news and realistic problems that are related to our lives.

Furthermore, our society arranges a variety of events that include politics and economics-related discussions and debates.

Following Us

We are pleased to announce that we are now represented on all the major social websites. We have a Twitter account and our own Wordpress blog

Our Twitter account is where we will be posting headlines relating to news and our activity. We will also post links to interesting studies/articles and our other social websites which will include more detailed accounts.

Our blog is where most of our detailed reports of news and our groups' incidents or discussions will be posted, and for those who do not know, Scoop It is a website where you create a page and bring together articles (written by other people) that relate to your page's topic in one place.

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