Go Karting

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Our aim is to build and repair Go Karts teaching basic mechanics and engineering skills in a fun way.

The activity involves two main elements: building Karts and racing Karts.

In terms of the engineering, pupils build new school karts from their bare chassis and repair our current karts; pupils also have the option to build their own kart or to improve one that they have brought in.

Twice each term, pupils then have the opportunity to visit a Go Kart circuit and take part in races.

During the summer months, Karts are then taken out into the school fields, where auto test-type circuits are set up to test their skills.

Kevin Read
I have worked at Bede's long enough to see a full generation of young people pass through the School and emerge as capable, confident highly skilled people. It is an honour to work here.

Kevin Read, Transport Manager

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