Dormie 19

The Snooker activity is open to all pupils regardless of their ability, after only a few minutes of tuition anyone can hold a cue, point it and hit a ball; it is getting them all to go in the correct direction that's so challenging!

In these modern times of technology and noise, playing a game as simple as Snooker can be therapeutic as pupils are asked to whisper in the snooker hall and enjoy an intelligent pastime.

As their skills improve they will start to enjoy the game more and appreciate watching two of the world's Top 50 ranked players practising along side them and even take up the challenge of playing me - if they feel brave enough.

This activity is simply a lovely way to spend an hour and a half chatting to friends and learning that sometimes when you lose there is no one else to blame but yourself!

Nik Driver
I am motivated to help pupils fulfil their potential and gain a sense of accomplishment regardless of their level of perceived ability.

Nik Driver, Deis Housemaster and Teacher of Mathematics

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