Warhammer Club

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Warhammer is a miniature wargame where military tactics, dice and art combine to form an absorbing, addicting, challenging hobby.

Indeed, the Bede's Warhammer team has, four in times in four years, qualified for the regional Games Workshop Open Competition.

The pupils who participate learn a range of painting techniques, forward planning skills both for within the game and as they collect their armies and even a little mathematics (which, in this context, raises remarkably few objections!) 

Really however, Warhammer teaches people the art of weighing up multiple criteria to assess risk before using your knowledge to your own advantage. 

There is also a lot of well written literature around the game and pupils also enjoy following and debating the various plots associated with the game while also exchanging novels and making recommendations. 

Matthew Peattie
The single most inspiring thing about the pupils here is that they often go the extra mile, right across the ability spectrum.

Matthew Peattie, Teacher of Mathematics and Dicker House Tutor

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