Wine Making and Brewing

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This Sixth Form only activity was founded in 2012 and has only grown in popularity - something which should come as no surprise considering the fine tradition of Sussex ales and ciders.

Bede's is perfectly placed for this activity considering its location; with Harvey's Brewery in Lewes only 7 miles away and over 30 acclaimed breweries located in local towns and villages, there is plenty of inspiration for participants to draw on.

Pupils who join the group are provided with the opportunity to create a diverse range of beverages from scratch, from wines and dessert wines to ciders, lagers and ales, learning all of fundamentals of home brewing as well as gaining a huge range of scientific knowledge.

From studying aerobic and anaerobic reactions, the conversion of sugars into alcohol and bottling and label design, Wine Making and Brewing is the one-stop shop for aspiring distillers.

Indeed, members of the Wine Making and Brewing activity have gone on to work (and currently work) in local Sussex breweries including at the Old King Inn.

Colin Hiscox
I enjoy helping pupils to consider ‘big’ questions, like “where did the universe come from?” and “why is there something rather than nothing?” These topics exercise the greatest minds in the world.

Colin Hiscox, Head of Physics and Charleston House Tutor

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