Meditation and Relaxation


The recent rapid advances in neuro-imaging, have been able to prove and explain what eastern traditions have taught for centuries.

That the habit of regular meditation structurally and chemically changes the make-up of our brain, so improving our physical as well as mental wellbeing; helping us to cope with the business of every day life; enabling us to manage stress and anxiety; allowing us to handle difficulties and eradicating unwanted behaviours; and teaching us to savour, enjoy and thrive on the goodness in life more readily.

In this activity we learn and practise the basics of mindful meditation. Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. This purposefulness is a very important part of mindfulness. Having the focus of staying with our experience, means that we are actively shaping the mind.

Pupils taking this activity enjoy meditation simply as a way to help them relax and be calm.

However, for many, the benefits extend well beyond this, helping them cope with exam stress; sleep well; manage anger and other powerful emotions; deal with difficult relationships, develop their power of concentration and mental agility; or simply handle the increasingly stressful pace and pressure of adolescence.

Lou Belrhiti
I teach because education is the most powerful weapon against the injustice, inequality and deprivation suffered by mankind. And because I love it!

Lou Belrhiti, Head of Boarding and Teacher of EAL