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Taekwando at Bede's is run by the school's expert instructor, Stuart Arroyo, whose knowledge of all things to do with martial arts is second to none.

As world-champion in kickboxing and breaking boards, and as a former contestant for both England and Scotland on the international scene, he cuts a formidable figure - which helps make for a popular club!

The school caters for grades from white belt all the way up to black belt, and pupils are tutored in self-defence techniques.

Taekwando is extremely good as a cardio-vascular exercise and those who progress speed up their reaction times as well as becoming extremely fit.

It is particularly effective for all-body conditioning.

Historically Taekwando was invented as a combination of karate which comes from Japan and a Korean game.

It is now an Olympic sport and is based entired on scientific principles to maximise power and speed.