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In the second half of each Summer Term, with the exam rush over for our Upper Fifth and Sixth Form pupils, the Bede's Drama department's attentions turn to our First Year and Lower Fifth pupils.

In contrast with our annual Senior Production, our Junior Production is open only to the youngest members of the Bede's Senior School community, providing them with the opportunity to take centre-stage.

Furthermore, to focus the minds of these young casts, we invite parents, members of the wider Bede's community and a number of Sussex, Surrey and Kent Prep Schools to watch what our talented young actors have prepared.

As with all of our plays and musicals, the set design, lighting, costumes and sound for our Junior Productions are managed by Bede's pupils in partnership with their teachers as part of the Theatre Production club.

What better opportunity could there be for a young performer to show their mettle?

Karen Lewis
I relish building confidence and creativity in every individual so that they can achieve their full potential whilst at Bede’s and beyond.

Karen Lewis, Director of Drama and Stud House Tutor

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I look to give tools to students to equip them for the challenges of life, assist them to make informed choices and help them appreciate what “kindness” to oneself and others really means.

Richard Waring, Production Manager