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Every Academic Year, aside from the dozen or so Examination Productions produced at Bede's, the school stages one Senior Play or Musical involving pupils from all year groups.

A showcase of Bede's incredible acting talent, the Senior Production operates on a two-yearly cycle; one year we will stage a musical, such as Sweet Charity in 2013-14, the next a play, such as Noises Off in 2014-15, the following a musical, such as Into The Woods in 2015-16, and so on.

Our Senior Production for 2016-17 will be Great Expecations, which will be staged over four nights and a matineé at The Miles Studio Theatre.

With all of the make-up, set design, lighting and production management handled by Bede's pupils, who work in partnership with industry veterans like Bob Bryan and Stephanie Carr-Gomm as part of the Theatre Production activity in the Co-Curricular Programme, these annual events are not to be missed!

Karen Lewis
I relish building confidence and creativity in every individual so that they can achieve their full potential whilst at Bede’s and beyond.

Karen Lewis, Director of Drama and Stud House Tutor

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I look to give tools to students to equip them for the challenges of life, assist them to make informed choices and help them appreciate what “kindness” to oneself and others really means.

Richard Waring, Production Manager