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In the Bede's Drama Department we aim for the impossible.

We look to create productions with production values that are consistently beyond anything other schools even dream of. 

The technical theatre activity is there to support this ambition. 

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best technical experts in the country:  Glyndebourne Opera, Bob Bryan - one of the world's top lighting designers, Ken Miller who won a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to British Theatre, and Howard Eaton and Stephanie Carr-Gomm - the team who built the Olympic rings. 

They are all regular and enthusiastic contributors to our productions, who together with our pupils work to support our ambitions and values. 

We use pupils for all aspects of technical theatre - painting, lighting, sound, costume, design and building and aim to push them to achieve what they had not thought possible. 

We really encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their role in the production and look to create a working company for each show whilst staff take a back seat and act more like guides than instructors. 

It must be understood that it is not uncommon for us to produce 12 shows per year - sometimes more, sometimes less - including tours. 

We like our pupils to take risks and make mistakes because it is when mistakes happen that the real learning happens.  

And, lastly, we try never to forget the most important ambition for the activity - to have fun!

Richard Waring
I look to give tools to pupils to equip them for the challenges of life, assist them to make informed choices and help them appreciate what “kindness” to oneself and others really means.

Richard Waring, Production Manager

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