Service Involvement

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As part of our overall Service involvement, the Chaplain heads up the House and School Charity initiatives.

Bede's Service Philosophy

“With privilege comes responsibility and with great privilege comes great responsibility”.

It’s true to say that all of us at Bede’s are fortunate. We have the opportunity to study and thrive at a wonderful school which provides opportunity after opportunity. During term time, all of us reside in a country that is free, peaceful and which enjoys much wealth and plenty. It is fair to say that we ‘live well’. The true motivation behind why we should help others is not simply because we are privileged but because we share humanity.

We should show compassion to each other regardless of how much each might have.

As a school we seek to invest in the holistic education of all pupils. Part of this education is in the area of Service (which includes ‘Charity’). Perhaps a better way of expressing this is ‘active compassion’. This developing understanding of the fact that our fortune in this life demands that we help those less fortunate is pivotal to our ethos and central to our educational philosophy. The Aims of the Trust state that we ‘…encourage all young people to develop not only a sense of moral and ethical awareness but an appreciation of their own place in the world’. Providing the opportunities for reflection on the richness of our material fortune in the light of a less fortunate world awakens compassion and overflows to help others. Therefore, we seek to create realistic and meaningful opportunities for pupils (and staff) to grow in and act upon compassion and consideration for others; this is our outreach – our action.

Bede's Service Focus

Raising Awareness

We all need to be informed about the particular Service need that we are involved with. This is a foundation for all we do and therefore an absolute priority. It is done sensitively and effectively in a great number of ways and each House will do this differently. This raising of awareness will take place across the school in assemblies, Chapel and in-House – to name but a few.

Promoting Involvement

Whilst many of us love cake, we are conscious that we do not want the mentality to grow which suggests charity is ‘done’ when £1 is given in exchange for a cake. We are therefore teaching that involvement can be demonstrated in three key areas, none more vital than the other: sharing our talents, sharing our time and sharing our resources.

Bede's Charity Structure

As part of our commitment to Service, it is seen as desirable that each of the 10 Houses at Bede’s support a local charity. The thinking behind this is that there is no better way to rouse compassion than by experiencing the need first hand. Supporting a local charity allows for pupils to visit the place of need as well as allowing for visiting speakers to come to school. The relationship between the House and the charity will thus be strengthened and genuine compassion awakened. ‘Let me hold a photo of one in need and I might be moved; let me hold the hand of one in need and I will be changed’.

Our one school charity is led through the work of the school prefects. Last year, and for the next 2 years, we will be supporting St Mary's School and College in Bexhill.

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