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Bede's Zoological Society is now in its seventh year and has continued to grow in popularity with pupils year on year. 

Bede's Zoological Society, which currently cares for some forty species, provides an attractive, unconventional pathway to academic discovery and change. 

It is also a fun and fulfilling activity for anyone to take part in who has a passion for animals, their care and conservation.

Each term we have between 50 and 60 pupils with representatives from every year group taking part, which makes us the most popular non-sporting activity in the school. 

What started out as a small group interested in conserving the Hazel Dormouse has blossomed into a Society which now helps with the running of our Animal Management Centre housing our extensive collection of exotic and domestic species.

We have links with major conservation organisations including the Zoological Society of London (ZSL London Zoo), Paignton Zoo and Drusillas Park, and are part of several coordinated captive breeding programmes. 

Two of our staff are licenced by Natural England to handle the endangered Hazel Dormouse in the UK, a species that we also hold as part of the animal collection and aim to breed in the future.

Members of the Zoological Society handle and care for a vast array of species on site at Bede's, but we also run visits to local Zoos and wildlife parks and have held talks led by visiting experts in the field of conservation.

The Bede's Animal Management Centre currently holds and cares for 503 individual animals of some 72 different species, including:



Yellow Mongoose

Deaths Head Cockroach

Striped Skunk

Sun Beetle

Northern Tree Shrew

Jewel Beetle

African Hedgehog

Fruit beetle

Egyptian Fruit Bat

New Guinea Giant Spiny Stick Insect

Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec

Indian Stick Insect

Red Squirrel

Black Beauty Stick Insect

Hazel Dormouse

Giant African Millipede

Fat Tailed Duprasi Gerbil

Chilean Rose Tarantula

Turkish Spiny Mouse


Long Tailed Chinchilla

American Tree Frog

Domestic Rabbit

Fire Bellied Toads


Chinese Fire Bellied Newt

Blue & Yellow Macaw


Golden Pheasant

Butterfly Goodeids


Common Guppy

Desert Iguana

Sunset Platy

Spiny Tailed Monitor


Leopard Gecko

Banjo Catfish

Lined day Gecko

Spotted Dora

Boa Constrictor

Peppered Cory Catfish

Royal Python

Bronze Corydoras Catfish

California King Snake

Julii Corydoras Catfish

Inland Bearded Dragon

Long nosed whiptail Catfish

Blue Tongue Skink

Whip tailed Catfish

Giant Day Gecko

Clarius Catfish

Yellow Bellied Sliders

Common Plec

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Paul Juniper
I love enabling young people and helping them grow into themselves. The goal is to get them to a place where they can do whatever they want to with their lives.

Paul Juniper, Dorms Housemaster and Head of Animal Management

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