Old Bede's: Naomi Pearl on Heading to Cambridge


Read an interview with Naomi Pearl, a recent leaver and ex-Crossways girl who is about to start at Cambridge.

Note: Naomi was recently awarded and recognised nationally for achieving at D1 level in every exam of her English Pre-U course.

I joined Bede's in September 2010, coming straight into the Sixth Form. Originally I came as a Legat dancer primarily and had never really seen myself as an academic sort of person.

I had done quite well in my GCSE's, but my English wasn't standout. I didn't even think I was capable of taking Pre-U, but Dr Maloney and Mr Tuson guided me and encouraged me to think about Oxbridge.

As it turned out, I absolutely loved the Pre-U course. Reading around the subject was amazing, and I totally embraced the depth of the experience. Obviously I couldn't have done it without my amazing teachers. Their enthusiasm helped me so much, in English and in History and Philosophy in which I also achieved A*'s in my A levels.

Looking ahead, the thing I'm going to miss most about Bede's is the care, both academic and pastoral. I was a full time boarder, and have had a very special relationship with Mrs Lambeth. I know that I will miss her very much.

Moving forward, I'm heading to Cambridge to study English, but I'm not thinking about careers just yet.  Right now I'm looking to get into student politics, but a future in academia really interests me.

I can't imagine having said that three years ago.