Maths: Homework Help for Parents and Pupils

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With the Christmas holidays on the horizon, many parents will soon find themselves in a familiar situation.

They will ask if their children have any work to do over the holidays, and the answer they receive will normally be in the negative.

In the Maths Department at Bede's, we want to provide parents with a source of additional Maths homework year-round, so parents have a near-endless supply of exercises and tools to help fill any idle hours.

The following links lead to a wealth of resources and information to help pupils and parents alike, with practical exercises, information about the GCSE syllabus and much, much more.

If parents have additional questions or would seek further guidance, of course do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

My Maths


This website provides introductory and in depth lessons in all topics covered during the Maths GCSE and A Level syllabuses. The website takes a given individual through each area of each course in a step by step way, helping to demystify and challenge in equal measure.

The site is brimming with booster material for revision time and public exam preparation, and online homework is often set by Bede's teachers from this site.

Another major advantage of My Maths is the instant feedback given to those who engage with the site, alongside chances to have another go.

To access the site, please use the user name sbs and the password triangle.



Edexcel is the exam board which we use at Bede's for all pupils taking the GCSE.

The Edexcel website contains heaps of really useful resources, alongside guidance, top tips, past papers and important dates and deadlines.

To access the Maths-specific materials, click Qualifications then GCSE from 2010 (English, ICT, Maths), followed by Mathematics A or Mathematics B for those Upper 5th who are taking the modular exams.

Additionally, for those parents or pupils with iPhones or iPads, Edexcel also offer an extremely handy Past Paper app which is available by clicking here.



This is a great website with a plethora of materials designed to challenge any more advanced mathematician. I highly recommend the Mensa Brainteasers!

We will be putting more materials specific to GCSE courses and the Bede's First Year and Fifth Form Maths curriculum onto the Parent Portal soon, but for the time being I hope these links will, at the very least, diffuse any myths about having no more work to do over the holidays…

With very best wishes and Christmas cheer,

David Bioletti

Head of GCSE Mathematics