Bloomsbury: Cupcake Baking for The Little Princess Trust

First Yr Party

This January Bloomsbury house has held a Cupcake/Cake baking competition. The aim of this competition has been to raise money for our house charity, The Little Princess Trust and by charging £2 to enter we have began to do this.

There was further incentive to participate in the competition for the winner enjoys a dinner out, of their choice. There were five delicious looking entries from girls across the house.

With the staff of Bloomsbury being given the difficult task of judging them. Sarah Francis brought in tasty 99 cupcakes, which got the judges talking, however there were more mouthwatering cakes to come, Georgina Callaghan and Stevie Cannell together made an extremely chocolatey cake, topped with mini eggs and cherries, accompanied by little cupcakes.

Furthermore, Sophie Edwards wowed the panel with her vanilla and almond cup cakes and Jess Bass made some creative cupcakes in the shape of a dog captivating the judge's imaginations, as did Jess Houston with her cake pops (chocolate covered cake lollipop.)

This has provided the judges with a seemingly impossible task of choosing a winner, bringing with it additional issues of what to judge the cakes on, be it taste or appearance.

Georgina Callaghan and Stevie Cannell were the overall winners and are off to Browns restaurant for our lavish meal.

Sophia Retief

Head of House