Camberlot: Boys Dominate House Cross-Country

Joe Daly Wins

The boys really got into the spirit of cross country this year and I was very proud to be their Housemaster on that cold and windy day.

They were in excitable mood as they trudged towards the starting post, eager to get going and do battle with the elements. The house as a whole decided that they would all partake in the full cross country circuit foregoing the much simpler fun run. An army of white left up the hill and soon had disappeared behind the rolling downs.

We waited eagerly at the finish line hoping that one of our boys would be in the lead pack - then we saw a dot of white and Joe Daly soon emerged muddy, exhausted but leading them.

It's the second year running that our Deputy Head of House has won the entire race and it was a wonderful image.

To our amazement, the second person to cross the line was Rilwan who had really stuck it out and made it an impressive 1st and 2nd place for mighty Cambo!

The rest soon arrived in various states of exhaustion and humour and it was wonderful to see the unity in the house. The continuous support offered by all the boys to one another was truly inspiring.

I promised the boys some food should they really do their best - I am a man of my word. By 8pm the boys were tucking into nearly a stone in weight of slow cooked meat!

A very tired yet contented Cambo then enjoyed their evening chatting about their run.

Richard Jones

Camberlot Housemaster