House Cup: Dicker Wins House Cross Country

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Bede's Inter House Cross Country continues to be an event rife with bravado and gravitas. It was the main topic of discussion and speculation for weeks preceding the event, and brought a fierce competitive vibe to the House.

Deis 8 Thorpe Resized JpgAs per usual, the race was split into two vastly different races; the Elite race and the 'Fun run'. Keen runners displayed their agility and prowess in the Elite tier, whilst those participating for recreation opted for the less competitive but equally muddy, fun run.

The event started in the usual manner; akin to a battlefield, with a stampede of students traversing the terrain, leaving all compassion behind, in favour of a more primal approach to interaction. Tiers of keen supporters cheered and supported competitors representing their respective houses, offering an extra boost of morale and energy for those involved.

While a little misdirection confused some competitors in certain areas of the race who followed the wrong route, which left them in a position of advantage, or disadvantage, much to the despair of stewards and rule abiding competitors. The race raged on! The atmosphere remained electric throughout, competition and determination wavering not for one minute.

The usual suspects took the top spots, with Joe Daley successfully defending his reign as Cross Country champion, followed closely behind by football star and athlete Rilwan Olugbode, who were just ahead of our very own Deis House representatives, Harry Thorpe and Gabriel Davies. Maddy Smith led the girls' success.

The physical strain of the run became apparent as runners straggled back to their houses in high spirits and in deep discussion of the antics and competition that took place on the fields. The event has, once again, proved to be a success, both in turnout and atmosphere; it will be remembered fondly by Upper Sixth students as their last House Cross Country.

Charles Reid

Deis House Prefect