MFL: Chinese New Year Celebrations


Tuesday 12 February saw Chinese learners from across the school coming together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Each student was free to invite friends and as a result a large following of boarders also made their way over to the Sixth Form café where learning was mixed with fun in an excellent presentation given by two hard-working Sixth Formers, Ivy Jiang and Jimmy Lee.

The first part of the evening was given over to the two pupils, who started to immerse us in the culture and history of the Chinese New Year, serving up an anecdote about how the years came to be named after animals with the help of a You Tube video.

We also saw a glimpse of the brilliant talent of Jimmy Lee, the school's resident online language tutor, who has a channel dedicated to teaching almost every language at

We also had quiz and Chinese games after, which were amazing.

And then food was served. Miss Chen, who had done such a good job organising the whole event, had ordered a Chinese take-away, so the students, including myself, started to gorge themselves on the customary foods of that mystical country.

Before we arrived Miss Chen had decorated the place beautifully, mainly using decorations made by certain First Years during lessons. I'm citing no-one in particular there, you understand!


From Max Hunter, First Year, Deis House

My name is Max Hunter and I chose Mandarin at the beginning of the year and have been enjoying it since. I find it challenging as well as fun and I like how our class is small, so that we can have a lot of opportunity to practise Chinese speaking and have a lot of activities in the lessons.

Learning about the Chinese culture regarding New Year will I think, enable me and my classmates to wield a better understanding of the Chinese people as a whole, and I think that will help me greatly in lessons.


From Jay Adebisi, First Year, Stud House

I had an extraordinary time at the Chinese New Year celebration on Tuesday in the wonderfully decorated Sixth Form centre.

After some hard work in school it was a great way to relax. It was so much fun. We watched some videos about Chinese New Year and we also had a quiz on the videos (which my group won of course).

It was amazing and we also had a wonderful meal of Chinese delicacies that are normally eaten during this festive period.