Charleston: Head of House helps Sussex Senior Girls win Foyston Trophy


Congratulations to Maddy Smith, who was a member of the eight-strong winning team which took part in the English Schools National Cross Country Championships at Catton Hall Derbyshire English Schools on Saturday March 16.

"Maddy did Bede's proud on Saturday," said Sharon Muxworthy, Charleston Housemistress. "The conditions were terribly muddy and wet, which was probably the worst situation for a big race like this."

Out of the total 288 Senior Girls who competed in the 4200m race, Maddy came 50th with a time of 18.36 and was 4th of the six scoring runners for Sussex.

The Sussex Senior Girls team of which Maddy was part won the competition earning the huge Foyston Trophy and a certificate each.

"This was a great way for Maddy to end her time competing for English schools," added her mother, Sue Smith, the morning after the event. "She is exhausted but very happy!"