Drama: Project 500 – Talent to Make a Difference


Last week a group of six Bede's Lower Sixth Performing Arts students organised a charity talent show which raised over £600 for an education project based in Calaba Town in Sierra Leone. 

Bede's students Sophie Bartlett, Niko Terho, Gheorghe Richards, Samuel Innes, Tessa Patterson and Rebekka Mannes managed the Project 500 Talent Show from conception to execution via a series of extensive planning meetings and an intensive audition process.

The show was won by Upper Fifth student Sam Mitchell performing the Alicia Keys hit 'New York State of Mind'.

The pictures Sam Mitchell performing his winning number and Rilwan Olugbode and Marcus Segura performing football and basketball tricks for which they won third prize.

Sam Innes, the student who was the Technical Manager on the team, said of the experience, "I really enjoyed it! I found it a lot of fun learning about how to organise an event like a talent show."

Vco _9144_a 2bc 3ad 203d 0c 2b 4dd 617c 27ae 505bb6Gheorghe Richards, another member of the Performing Arts team, added, "My role was e-Marketing. Rebekka and I worked on the first few posters and Custard Design helped us to design the final version. Throughout the event, I have learned how marketing really works. It's been a great experience for me."

The event raised money for the Act On It project, run by Helen Turner and Rachel Steele, which is a Sussex-based charity that trains volunteers in Sierra Leone who, in turn, educate children and young adults via informative skits and instructional videos.

Kelly Goldring, who teaches Performing Arts to the students, said after the event, "Rachel and Helen, who are the organisors of the Act On It project, were thrilled to collect the funds today."

"The money will be taken directly to Sierra Leone on their next trip on 12 March," Ms Goldring continued, "and will be used to help a group of teenagers and young people who are homeless, uneducated and unemployed but are starting their own enterprises."

During the initial Act On It pilot programme, which took place in November 2011, 19 children aged between 4 and 12 attended a programme of classes led by a teacher from Sierra Leone in a specially commissioned classroom. 

Situated to the east of Freetown, Calaba Town is home to 70,000 people displaced by conflict. The area is very densely populated and many people based there suffer from extreme poverty.