EAL: 10th Annual Bede's Continental Evening

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On March 9 over 130 boarders came together for an evening full of multi-cultural food and entertainment from all around the world.

The Continental Evening 2013, already the 10th that Bede's has hosted, was a great success. This event is organized by international students for the boarder community and is one of the most enjoyable and exciting evenings in the whole of the school year.

Tracy Aryee-Quao started off the evening with one of her many talents - singing 'Valerie' and 'Isn't She Beautiful'. This year, we also had the honour of listening to some live beautiful Chinese music by Cassandra Qiu, Yuki Wat and Yang Cui.

Natalia Giner, Tracy A-Q, Maria Alcover and Laura Adebisi's street dance group also performed, which was one of the highlights of the evening. They joined the boys - Kenny Muwambi, Ibukun Adegola and Babatunde Olufemi who have kept up with the girls really well and got a huge cheer from the crowd.

We also had a stunning performance from our two English boys - Ed Stoakes and Dan Gottlieb, who sang one of Ed's own songs - Underground Girls.

Everyone agreed that another big highlight of the whole evening was a little taste of the Nigerian culture when we watched the Latakada fashion show designed by Crossways girl Abisola Gbadamosi.

Natalia Giner and Laura Adebisi finished the evening off with a breath-taking performance of "Waka, Waka" and "Locked out of Heaven".

The whole evening was led by our excellent compere Kaz Johnson Salami.

I am proud to say that Continental Evening is getting better and better each year. I would like to say thank you to my team Sophie Kessler, Zoe Cauvin, Gold Ake, Theresa Schmitz, Tom Stehmann, Tracy A-Q, Kennan Wong, Kathy Yeung, Derek Siu and Jacky Cheung for all the work and effort that they put into it - you were brilliant.

A special and the biggest thank you has to go to Mrs Martin, who masterminded the whole event and was the key to making the evening so extraordinary and unforgettable.

Michaela Fuskova

Upper Sixth EAL pupil