Football: Bede's girls represent the South East at ISFA Regional Tournament

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After a long journey to Eton school, the South East team (which we represented) gathered together for a brief team talk, got our kit and then headed out to the pitch.

Unfortunately the weather conditions gave other teams some problems and we were unable to be joined by Home Counties and the Midlands.

Our first game, which we played was against South West with the predominantly Bede's dominated team, some great team work was played in the midfield and up front with Abi, Kayleigh and Georgia creating more and more chances thoughout the game.

I managed to pick up the ball well in defence and make runs down the line, enabling Paula Schaper to then make excellent crosses into the middle. The first game ended with two amazing goals from Georgia Tibble, granting us a 5-1 win.

During the second game the weather gave everybody problems. The rain was coming down and the temperature was bitterly cold, but the team fought through it and as we warmed up to play Scotland.

We were then told that the opposition were the actual national squad for Scotland!

We knew that this would be a tough game, and a few of the Bede's girls were taken off for a half so the other players could have a game. In this time Scotland managed to make it through the defensive line and score a goal.

At half time the Bede's girls were swapped back on and we kept the spirits up, put up a fight and continued to play strong in all areas of the football field.

Alas, we were unable to get back the goal and lost that game 0-1.

Congratulations to all the girls for their brilliant performance at the tournament. Kayleigh Bonwick, Paula Schaper, Abi Steinegger and Georgia Tibble - you all did yourselves and the school proud.

Elena South

Captain, Girls' 1st XI Football Team

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