Warhammer Club: Bede's Team Wins Regional Championship


Congratulations to the the Bede's Warhammer Team which, on Saturday 3 March, won the Regional leg of the Warhammer Schools League, thereby earning a place in the Regional Heats in Nottingham.

Bede's students Tom Power, Olly Marks, Seb Simmonds and Cameron Preston represented the school with style and aplomb, sweeping aside opposition and moving on to the next round with ease.

Event organisers Games Workshop said of the event, "the Schools League is a great opportunity for school clubs to get involved, as the Bede's team clearly did."

As winners of a Regional Heat, Tom, Olly, Seb and Cameron are now invited to the Regional Final, held at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

The top teams from each of these Regional Finals will then be invited to the International Final to determine the best players in Northern Europe.

Mr Peattie, who manages the Bede's Warhammer Club, said of the team, "I am extremely proud of the boys. They showed really great sportsmanship - especially Cameron Preston, who was new to the rules and showed genuine flair when commanding his Imperial Guards."

Other accolades earned by the Bede's team on the day included the Best Painted Army Award, which went to Olly Marks' Space Wolves.

Seb Simmonds Tau force and Tom Power's Chaos army meanwhile proved "devastating" during their matches, according to Mr Peattie.

The School Warhammer League, now at its midpoint, starts in September with a whole range of activities available to contestants, including army building, tactics and painting tutorials.