Business Studies: Why I Love It


Franziska Lux is an Upper Sixth Business Studies student who boards in Dorter House. As she prepares for her imminent A2 exams she took a moment out of her busy revision schedule to discuss how she has found Business Studies at A Level and why she would recommend it to others.

I've been at Bede's for two years, having joined in the Sixth Form from Germany. At the end of school there you complete what is known as an Arbitur which qualifies you to attend German university, so in order to be eligible I had to take Maths A2, at least one language and another subject that's accepted in Germany.

Aside from Maths and German I am taking Spanish and Business, which is highly regarded.

My story in terms of learning about Business is twofold. Firstly, my dad is a business consultant, so that informed my decision, but I started to learn Economics in Germany and was very interested in the Business side of that course.

I chose to come to Bede's because, after visiting several schools, this place just felt like home.

When you take Business AS you start off learning about enterprise and entrepreneurship, so how to start up a business. Then, every term the businesses you learn about get larger and more international. You then look at a lot of problem solving.

When you start off, you're looking at imaginary case studies supplied by the exam board, but then as time goes on you move onto looking at real businesses like Apple, Cadbury and Nokia.

The main objective is to evaluate what these companies have got right or wrong, and then you apply theories and supply recommendations.

Because businesses are so complex, in every classroom everyone will have come up with different ideas and solutions. This means that I often find myself being challenged by my classmates, which is great.

There is a lot of independent work involved in Business Studies, and everyone has their own styles of learning. This means that, with all the theories, information and personalities being brought to the table, every class is very interesting. You come into contact with new ideas constantly.

I think that the Business Department at Bede's is so successful because the teachers are excellent, firstly.

Secondly, because there are taster days where pupils try out various courses before they settle on their choices everyone really understands what they are signing up for.

Thirdly, the experience of learning is very innovative. The department uses a lot of social media, such as Google+, Twitter and Scoopit, and through these services there is a constant stream of articles, information and videos to look at and study. It's then up to the students to choose how much they engage with.

This means students can tailor their own learning. If you're interested in fashion, there's information for you about fashion. If you're interested in the car industry, likewise there's information relevant specifically for you.

On top of that there are the trips. The way they are done in Business, it's very much about practical learning and learning through doing.

For example, next week we are going to a revision conference for a couple of hours, and then we are going to Asos for the rest of the day to put our theories into practise.

Similarly, last year we had business people come to the school to give talks to just the Sixth Form students and that achieved the same objective; business people don't use textbook methods, so it's very valuable to hear what they have to say about how they have achieved what they have achieved.

My personal view is that no matter what you do in your career, it will involve business. For this reason alone I would recommend it to anybody.

Also though, of my subjects it is the one which I feel is best preparing me for university. That flexibility, to learn in different ways, means you can narrow your focus and make it relevant specifically to you.

Next year I'm going back to Germany to go to Business School, which I wouldn't be doing if I hadn't taken A Level Business Studies.

I always imagined I would do something "creative" with my life, like be an art teacher or something, but actually I have come to feel that studying and working in business allows me to be flexible, and its complexity fascinates me.

I love seeing how different tiny things can fundamentally influence the whole.