Charity Fundraising: Sponsored Swim


As part of the Charity Fundraising activity this term, Bede's students organised and took part in a sponsored swim event on Thursday 18 April in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Spearheaded by Annabel Martirossian's enthusiastic approach to encouraging swimming volunteers to sign up, we had 47 students and staff attempt to swim the width of the English Channel; a total of 1280 lengths. 

That target was easily smashed within the first hour and a half when the day boys got started, and we were almost on track to managing to swim to Calais and back by the end of the event; a target perhaps we shall set next year. 

With notable performances from Matt Street on 170 lengths, Daniel Jefforys on 150 and Harry Thorpe on 140, it proved an easy target to beat!

The girls put up a pretty good fight in the second hour, with Jess Bass in the lead with 100 lengths followed by Annabel Martirossian's on 70 lengths and Rebakah Morris on 60 lengths; a very impressive effort made by all. 

The final hour of the swim was made up of the borders and teachers and we saw outstanding performances from Sophia Kessler on 52 lengths and Zoe Cauvin on 50 lengths, who continued to keep the momentum going as the event drew to a close.

We could not have held such a great event without the organisation and passion of Annabel Martirossian, Jess Bass, Alice Brammer and the keen monitoring and counting of Bryony Wallace, Eliza Hackett and Jade Hall.

The event was a thoroughly triumphant one and I thank everyone for their involvement or participation. 

Georgina Wainwright

Charleston House Tutor