Athletics: Track and Field Success for Bede’s Students at the English Schools Athletics Association Cup


First Year and Year 10 Bede's students Luke Lafferty, Patrick Ankjaer and Rebekah Morris were amongst the successful athletes who competed at the ESAA cup this week. Each will now go on to compete for Sussex Schools.

On Tuesday a cohort of First Year and Lower Fifth girls went to the K2 stadium at Crawley and competed in the English Schools Athletics Association Cup (ESAA). 

They competed against 16 other schools from the Sussex area including Christ Hospital and Ardingly. 

All the girls performed really well and gave their best efforts, and Rebekah Morris won her 100m race. She will now go on to compete for Sussex Schools.

On Wednesday it was the boys' turn. They competed in the same event and all performed admirably, particularly First Years Marcus Hinchon and James Plaskett.

Luke Lafferty won his Javelin event and will also now compete for Sussex Schools, and Patrick Ankjaer won his 300m and will also compete for Sussex.


Bede's Athletics Coach Dave Caryer said of the day, "It was an absolute delight to watch some outstanding athletic performances over the two days as well as see some pupils who are very new to athletics give every little bit of effort they have."

"This was particularly evident in Matilda Homer's 800m race where she used every last bit of energy she had to perform to her best and do the school proud"

Girls' Team:

Rebekah Morris, Alannal Akinwunmi, Sacha Casabianca, Mathilda Homer, Beth Giddings, Katie Mann, Phobe Picken, Jasmin Sayed, Charlotte Shooter-Harris, Emma Thornett, Kelly Tschudi, Olivia Hurrell.

Boys' Team:

Marcus Hinchon, Marcus Hendry, James Plaskett, Patrick Ankjaer, Luke Lafferty, James Parker, Tom Hands, Samson Lock, Sam Kisbee, Doug Bichan, Toby Wallace, Christian Hutson, Ben Kebbell, Mitchell Dennis.