ACF: Fieldcraft Training


The ACF were out in force on Tuesday, practising their patrol skills ready for annual camp in the summer.

An 11 cadet section led out by Cadet Lance Corporal George Hall and Cadet Jacob Storey spent two hours in the sun running-through movement in the field, reaction to enemy fire, obstacle crossing and observation.

ACF2The patrol set off from the school, moving into grassland before being hit by simulated enemy fire from the flank. Reacting the unfolding scenario, the cadet leaders took the section on their bellies almost 200m through long grass to extract themselves.

They then moved out again, utilising cover in ditches and hedges and covering each other over obstacles. The section moved to seize a road bridge across a river and set up a safe harbour area in a nearby glade.

After a rest and some water, four observation points were set up to monitor movement on the road and across surrounding farmland, with cadets blending into hedgerows and bushes with practised ease.

After gathering information on the movements of traffic into the village the whole section then pulled back the way they had come to rendezvous back at the school and finally get to relax tired muscles.

The cadets will utilise these newly honed skills on the two-week camp at Nescliffe in Shropshire over the Summer. The Nescliffe camp will be filled with training in a variety of activities, from map reading to first aid to shooting. There will also be the highlight of every year, a three-day exercise in the field involving whole company exercises with blank fire and a big final attack.

The cadets of the detachment all found the day highly enjoyable if rather hot and look forward to more of the same in coming weeks.

Chris Stoneman

ACF Detachment Commander