Camberlot: The Boys 'Hulk Out' at Charity Fun Run


For the second year running, the boys and staff of Cambo dressed ridiculously and ran the annual Brighton Heroes Run along the seafront.

The premise is pretty simple: choose a superhero, dress appropriately and run a 5K race early on a sunday morning!

After the success of last year's run where the entire house dressed as Smurfs we needed to keep our reputation as a large and colourful cohort. So bright and early on Sunday morning the boys were awoken and wolfed down an energy-packed breakfast before driving down to the seaside.

Once there, we donned our costumes and masses of green body paint as this year Cambo was mean and angry... we were the Incredible Hulk!

Over 65 boys and staff ran (or, in the Housemaster's case, were pushed in a wheelchair) around the course and this year three out of the top five winners were in the House, including Rilwan, who won the entire race outright.

It was a fantastic event and was amazing to see the boys pull together and have an enjoyable day doing themselves proud: they cheered, supported, joked and laughed all morning and the sense of achievement and fun was felt by all.

We were the largest group attending again this year, and received special mention from the organisers and huge support as we raced around.

There were several teachers there in support, and many parents came down to cheer on their sons.

Before the race had even begun the boys had raised over £1000, and now the rest of the sponsorship money has rolled in. It will be divided between the official Hero's Run charity Pass It On Africa, a Brighton-based charity raising money for schools in some of Africa's poorest areas, and our House Charity, Diabetes UK.

David King

Camberlot House Tutor