Fishing Trip 2013


This Sunday saw nine plucky students take to the seas as part of the annual Bedes's fishing trip.

We set off onboard the good ship 'Thresher' from Brighton marina, coats on and hoods most definitely up to brace against the wind and the swell.


We dropped our lines and waited. And waited. And waited. Then, finally Elias, Nelson and Harry struck gold and fish were flying everywhere.

Soon after, Emily hooked two on one line and we had ourselves enough for a feast.


Back at school, Nelson showed his culinary skills. In no time at all our catch was prepped and on the barbequeue. Lovely!

Thanks very much to Mr McKeefry and Mr Tille for joining in so gamely, and thanks also to all the students who really showed they cod handle the elements!


Richard Williams

Head of Media and Film Studies