Bede’s Leavers Celebrate A Level Success


Sixth Form leavers from Bede's came together at the school to celebrate yet another year of A Level achievement this week.


Overall, Bede's Sixth Formers achieved great things in 2013, including 68% of Art students achieving A or A* grades, 63% of Modern Foreign Language students achieving the same, and 45% of Maths and Further Maths pupils achieving A or A* grades.


Amongst the school's success stories, a number of pupils achieved clutches of full marks in their modules. These individuals included Asher Pearl who, aside from achieving straight A* grades in his 4 A Level courses, scored 100% in over half of his Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry modules.

6Similar Bede's accomplishments include Amy Camp from Polegate, who achieved A* grades in Biology and Chemistry, A grades in Latin and English Literature and a B grade in Maths and Siobhan Culley who was awarded straight A's in History, Biology and Psychology. She will go on to study at Bath.

Bede's Deputy Head of School for 2012-13, Kaz Johnson-Salami, also achieved full marks in over 50% of his A Level Art modules, and with his A* in Art, A in Business and B in Politics Kaz is well-placed to begin his studies at the prestigious Central St Martin's college.

He will do so alongside the 19 other Bede's leavers who will also be starting at art schools across the country in September.

Bede's Headmaster Dr Richard Maloney said of the results, "In a time where grades are being pushed downwards by governmental pressure, Bede's students have bucked that trend. Our aim is to add value to each of our students to enable them to strive for what is best for them. Once more, I am hugely proud of Bede's pupils' achievements as academics and people."