Bloomsbury: Kirsty Runs Half-Marathon for Save The Children

Kirsty Runs for Save The Children

Bloomsbury House Prefect Rowan Lewis writes about fellow Sixth-Former Kirsty Sutherland's efforts in the Nikey 'Run to the Beat' half marathon in Greenwich in aid of Save the Children, which took place on Sunday 8th September 2013. 

After beginning training in mid-June, Kirsty's aim was to complete the 13 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes. She was very happy to have thrashed her target as she finished in the remarkable time of only 1 hour and 57 minutes!

Kirsty raised an impressive £250 pounds for charity as a result of her incredible achievement. 

She said of the experience, "Completing a half marathon has been an incredibly uplifting and fulfilling achievement."

"Although I enjoy running as a hobby, before this I had never run so far or mentally pushed myself so much. However, the experience was amazing and was for an incredibly worthy cause."

"I encourage everyone to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new!"

Rowan Lewis

Bloomsbury House Prefect