Charleston: My Experience Volunteering at The Discovery Camp

Maisie Trafford Discovery Project

Maisie photographed with some of the children from The Discovery Camp.

From childhood to adulthood, sport has been my passion and has remained a huge part of my life.

As I am aspiring to become a Physical Education teacher after I leave Bede's, I was lucky enough to visit Brighton University and get involved volunteering as a Sports Coach in a children's camp called "The Discovery Camp".

Running from the 27th to the 30th of August, I volunteered at The Discovery Camp and worked beside PGCE Trainee Teachers, one of these was an ex-Bede's and Charleston House pupil Sophie Auer, who I view as a huge inspiration.

The camp itself was designed to get children into a sporting environment, whereby they could participate in adapted and modified activities. The camp included activities such as Kurling, Table Tennis, Short Tennis, Trampolining, Cheerleading, Dance, Trust Games, Team Building, Tri-Golf, Futsal, Softball, Pop Lacrosse, Kwik Cricket, Orienteering and Problem Solving.

These experiences gave the children the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that they may have never come across before. This was to encourage learning through unusual enjoyable activities which aren't necessarily available in schools.

Studying in my final year of Bede's, I am driven in my goal to become a Physical Education teacher and, through volunteering at this camp, I learnt that sport is all about participation and getting children motivated and involved in team games.

In addition to this, I also learnt how much the children get out of participating in sports. From confidence-building and to developing communication skills, this kind of activity is invaluable and I am so glad I had this opportunity. 

Maisie Trafford

Charleston House Prefect