Dorms: House Ramblers Climb The South Downs


On the 1st of September, the intrepid boys of Dorms House undertook their gruelling, annual climb to the top of the South Downs.

After a short journey to the base of the Downs, Mr Hickman led the troop along a winding path in beautiful weather conditions to the base of the 'Long Man of Wilmington'. Many international students new to the house had never seen such art work, and enquired as to the history surrounding such a strange British tradition.

From the bottom of the hill we snaked up the steep slope with matrons Nicki and Fay (and partners) in tow.

The South Downs provide beautiful scenery, and did not disappoint on this occasion. As we assembled for a picnic lunch we were granted a view over most of East Sussex; I managed (just about) to refrain giving an impromptu Geography lecture on the formation of such stunning scenery, and after the boys had scoffed their way through various pastries and crisps we set off again, following a short section of the South Downs way.

After observing Eastbourne, and educating the new students in their current location, we returned to the minibuses. A short drive away was the quaint and very British town of Alfriston, with traditional architecture and multiple tea rooms - a refreshing refreshment break for staff and students alike!

Our thanks to Mrs Mander and Ms McKenna for coming along to support our house in this annual activity, and a very warm welcome to the new boys of Dorms House!

Tom Elwell

Deputy Dorms Housemaster