Dorter: Hello from a New Student!


Madeline Corke, who is a new Lower Sixth-former in Dorter House, gives her account of the Club Tropicana barbecue hosted by the House to introduce new students to old, and during which everybody engaged in some intense limbo dancing - staff included!  

The event took place during my first weekend at Dorter House - I'm new to the Upper Sixth. We had a Club Tropicana themed party that I think really helped everyone to get to know each other. I definitely know more names of the other girls in the House now, but I probably won't be able to remember all of them!

Miss Excell really went for the Club Tropicana theme. There was a blow up palm tree, flamingo, monkey - the list goes on! Going out onto the terrace was like going out into the Caribbean (well, almost).  

Everyone was dressed in bright colours and flower wreaths and looked gorgeous. We played volleyball, met all of the teachers' adorable children and blew bubbles! I did lots of hula-hooping as well! The atmosphere was really relaxed, everyone was chatting, laughing and taking photos.

Soon our mouths started to water as delicious smells came from the direction of the barbeque. There was loads of amazing food, almost too much for all of us!

After the barbeque we had a game of limbo which everyone participated in. The highlight of the day had to be Mr Henham attempting to go under the limbo poll, getting halfway and falling flat on his back!

I had a great time and would like to thank Miss Excell for organising such a fun event.

Madeline Corke

Dorter House